MAY 12th, 2007

These pictures show the exterior and interior of the finished church building on the day it was consecrated and we held our first regular services, May 12th, 2007.

Left: Early morning, May 12th, 2007; Virgin Mary awaiting installation in her own side-shrine. Photo by Nikki Holweger.
Right: Main church altars under stained glass window. Photo by catherine yronwode. Among the deities represented are the Virgin of Gudalupe, an African Ferility Goddess, Shou the Chinese Star-God, Kwan Yin (Guan-Yin), Three Lucky Elephants, Hotei-Buddha, Saint Martin de Porres, Saint Jude, Caspar (one of the Three Magi), Saint Martha, Sehkmet, Durga, the Jewish Archangel Gabriel, two male Anima Solas, an Egyptian Winged Scarab, and an African Fertility God.

Left: Detail of chandelier and ceiling, Missionary Independent Spiritual Church. Photo by catherine yronwode. The cross-beam interior structural design remains exactly as Don Burgess originally built it, but the interior covering in Victorian bead-board with moulded casing, circular window-vents, and central chandelier was designed by cat yronwode, executed by carpenter Roger Rupe, and painted by Don Roach.
Right: Debbie Burgess Mumm, whose dad Don built the Burgess Bus Stop which became Missionary Independent Spiritual church. Photo by Nikki Holweger..

Left: A view of the church from the South-East, amidst blooming roses, showing the new South window stained glass.
Right: At the May 12th, 2007, party that inaugurated the church, musicians John Aycock and George Mueller play old-time music. Photo by Nikki Holweger.


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