Newsletter Vol. 3 No. 4





Minutes for Board Meeting of 
	Missionary Independent Spiritual Church

August 20, 2008, 6632 Covey Road, Forestville, CA 95436
5pm to 7:30pm PT

In attendance: 
	Fred Burke, catherine yronwode, nagasiva yronwode

0) Preface -- Board Member Replacement: Fred Burke

	July 4, 2008 Board Member Replacement zmeeting, 6pm
		Prior to the final ratification of the Articles of
		Incorporation or Bylaws, and owing to social
		events leading to an incompatability with MISC
		operations, Ferne Aycock was replaced by
		Fred Burke, substituted on the Articles of
		Incorporation and Bylaws, and this was official
		immediately. We thank Ferne for her help with
		church organization and wish her well in her
		future works. We welcome Fred Burke to our 
		board and look forward to working with him on 
		new developments for MISC and at his own site 
		in Joshua Tree, California, where he maintains 
		a small candle ministry much like ours. Fred's 
		experience with this form of spiritual ministry
		makes him a perfect choice for board membership 
		at MISC. We are very glad to have him aboard.

1) MISC Invoicing

	The Church now has its own candle report forms for
	clients, separate from Lucky Mojo (our candle suplier)
	rather than expressed as invoices made by Lucky Mojo. We
	want to thank the folks at Lucky Mojo for allowing us
	the use of their database during the formation period of
	the church.
2) MISC Donations from yronwodes

	The yronwodes (catherine and nagasiva) have donated
	considerable typesetting, scanning, and editorial labour
	to Winmore Publications of New York so that, in lieu of
	payment for their services, outreach advertisements for
	MISC will be run in a number of Winmore publications.
	The ads are generic in nature and state that people may
	call the church for counseling help.
3) May 2008 Workshops and Convocation Report

	This year the first annual Church Convocation was
	organized by church volunteer Robin York (thanks!) and
	conducted at the Home of Truth (a New Thought church) in
	Alameda, California on May 4th. The program included
	diivination and hoodoo workshop classes for all those
	who paid the admission fee. A Southern style chicken
	dinner for all was catered by Robin York. At the
	conclusion of the day, a Convocation service was led by
	Doctor Christos Kioni.

	See the appendix A on Workshop/Convocation Expenses for

	The expenses not covered by the admission fees collected
	were paid by the yronwodes (totalling $892.68). We are
	seriously doubtful at this time that we will wish to run
	things the same way next year, given the expenditures
	and cost of the facility (beautiful, but quite a
	distance to travel).

4) Church Baptisms June 6, 2008

	Baptisms and ordinations were held in the Russian River
	in Forestville at Steel Head Beach in the afternoon on
	a particularly warm and lovely day for the event.
	Recorded as baptized that day were the following:
	  * catherine yronwode
	  * nagasiva yronwode
	  * Sienna Baratti
	  * Robin Petersen
	  * Mary Ann Powell
	  * Reverend Mother Sienna Baratti
	  * Deacon Robin Petersen
	It is a doctrine of our church that baptism is
	unrestricted in that each person may be baptised as
	often or on as many occasions as he or she desires,
	provided that there are ordained persons present who
	have an interest in performing the service.

5) CA Secretary of State Certifies MISC

	On June 9, 2008 the CA Secretary of State certified
	the MISC paperwork and set the stage for our non-profit 
	application to the US Attorney General by Sept, 2009.

6) Church Fan Fund Report

	The 2nd Annual Church Fan was completed on 7/2/09 and
	is available for purchase from the church or as a
	thank you gift for donation, or as a free benefit of
	having visited from afar. The first fans are still
	in stock (2 boxes left) and just as beautiful as ever.
	Plans are to create one each year as a part of
	church operations.

7) Church Obtains its Own Phone Number

	MISC now has its own unique phone, phone line and number
	and is now paying its phone bills from donations.
	The number is 707-887-7808. It was selected for its
	symmetry and ease of recall. This phone is being
	used to establish appointments for services within
	the church such as readings and consultations, as
	well as to function as an administrative contact
	for all church business.

8) Cyber-Hymnal Committee 

	The church is starting a cyber-hymnal committee and its
	aim is to establish a base hymnal book for the purpose
	of acquainting all those who may get together for social
	events to know the variants on melodies and lyrics and
	become conversant with different church styles, as well
	as the doctrines and motifs important to the church as a
	whole. The aim is to presenty an inclusive online hymnal
	that draws upon the websites already available online
	which feature musical introduction to common hymns in
	the form of MIDI files and/or lyrics.
9) Gospel Playlist Committee

	Similar to the Hymnal Committee, the Gospel Playlist
	Committee seeks to identify recorded gospel songs of
	value to the church in our establishment of doctrinal
	and traditional character, featuring a diversity of
	representation as regards what will be included. Those
	recordings available as public domain MP3 files (mostly
	early 20th century recordings) will be featured online
	for visitors to sample and download. 
10) Amazon Book Sale Project (Affiliates Program) Started

	We've begun an account with that
	should make it possible for us to sell a variety of
	religious and spiritual books online for a profit at
	the same time as making plain what we feel are reliable
	and valuable references. our account Tracking ID is

11) Gift Shop and Bookstore Committee

	In association with the Amazon Book Sale Project and
	the Fan Committee, there is also a committee for the
	construction of a gift shop and bookstore which may
	extend offline to the local physical locale of the
	church itself.

12) Prospects for UISP as an Online Database

	catherine discussed projects that she and Lara Hopkins
	Rivera will be developing for the MISC Union of
	Independent Spiritual Practioners (UISP) in the near

	Lara gave catherine a tour of her website and showed
	catherine her wiki (a mediawiki software database
	environment at which she maintains.

	Due to catherine's familiarity with mediawiki software
	from volunteering at, she determined that,
	rather than convert the MISC pages to mediawiki (from
	HTML) she hoped that by the end of 2008 she could start
	a wiki database under Lara's technical supervision,
	hosted at Lara's server. She said that the advantage of
	creating and maintaining the UISP site as a database
	rather than as an HTML site is that it would not need to
	be constantly re-written and updated, but would update
	itself in real time as changes were made.

	Lara indicated that she was willing to donate a certain
	amount of hours to the development of the UISP website,
	but would expect minimal monthly compensation if she
	were to technically develop, maintain, and host the
	site. Since UISP is projected to be an educational
	outreach committee of the chuch, Lara's fees would be
	underwritten by the dues paid by approved spiritual
	practitioners for a yearly directory listing and would
	thus not impinge on other chuch committee finances.

	catherine said that she would investigate the
	probability of spiritual practitioners paying a yearly
	fee for such a directory listing. She will report again
	on the site development as plans move forward.

13) Crystal Silence League Report

	This committee has esentially been dormant, awaiting the
	funds to implement the printing of the requisite
	literature. No special fund-raising project has been
	allocated for this committee, and the work is being
	"held over" until such time as the UISP project is up
	and running smoothly. 


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