Newsletter Vol. 5 No. 1



Minutes for Board Meeting of 
	Missionary Independent Spiritual Church

Joshua Tree, California
3pm-6pm MISChurch Board Meeting

Present in person or by phone were: 

Bishop catherine yronwode, President of the Church
  Chairwoman, AIRR Committee (Est. 11/07)
  Chairwoman, CRYSTAL SILENCE LEAGUE Committee
  Director, AIRR PRO BONO FUND Committee (Michael Maurer, Chairwoman)
  Director, LADY'S AUXILIARY Committee (Sister Robin Petersen, Chairwoman)

Bishop Fred Burke, Vice President of the Church
  Chairman, FAN FUND Committee
  Vice-Chairman, CRYSTAL SILENCE LEAGUE  Committee
Bishop Sindy Todo, Treasurer of the Church,
  Treasurer, AIRR Committee 
Bishop nagasiva yronwode, Secretary of the Church
  Secretary, AIRR Committee
  Chairman, CHURCH LEGAL FUND Committee (Est. 12/09)
  Director, CHURCH CALENDAR Committee (Laura Kate Barrett, Chairwoman) (Est. 6/09)

Briana Saussy, AIRR Ombudsman, AIRR Tech Team participant
Not Attending: 

Bishop John Michael Greer (who sends his regards and thanks).



For your amendment and approval.

by nagasiva yronwode, 
Missionary Independent Spiritual Church Board Secretary


I. Board Resignations and Election


1. Resignation of Board Member John Michael Greer

	John Michael has decided to resign from the church board,
	citing his lack of ability to participate as often in
	Church business as he would have liked. We agree to
	accept this resignation with gratitude, extending to
	him a specific appreciation of his service, and wishing 
	him the best in his future pursuits and projects. we shall
	always be grateful for his contribution. :)
	catherine volunteered to compose a letter and to
	construct a certificate of appreciation to be sent to him.
	There was general support for this.


2. Board Election and Officer Appointments

	It was proposed by nagasiva as part of the Agenda and
	(seconded by) others that Briana Saussy replace John Michael.
	catherine described Briana as having extensive involvement 
	in the forum, unfailing participation in the Tech Team for 
	AIRR, and continued, expert contribution to the Annual 
	Workshops. Briana is now the Ombudsman for AIRR and her
	sense of volunteerism and volume of effort also speak 
	plainly of her enthusiasm and spirit.
	The following members of the Board were thus elected:
		catherine yronwode, nagasiva yronwode, 
		Fred Burke, Cynthia 'Sindy' Todo, and
		Briana Saussy.
	Officer appointments were as follows:
		President: catherine yronwode
		Vice President: Fred Burke
		Treasurer: Sindy Todo
		Secretary: nagasiva yronwode

	catherine said:

	"We want to recognize Briana's ongoing service to the
	AIRR Committee Tech Team, and as the current AIRR Ombudsman.
	We are glad to have her on the Board!"
	There was a general celebration.




We begin with the reports from the Board Members themselves, who
have general reflections on their areas of their responsibility.
Committees, under the chairing or directorship of the Board Members,
received separate examination from the reports immediately following.


3A. Report From the Treasurer

Sindy Todo provided an overview of the 3 years of operation
2008/2009/2010. The 2010 data is minimal, since the pertinent
accounting data still resides with the Secretary, awaiting
sorting until after this Board Meeting's business is concluded.

2008 - Detail to follow or has already been received by the
Board in her financial reports (inquire of the Secretary if
it is not attached hereto and you would like a copy): ($714.00)
net loss for the year.

2009 - In 2009 AIRR began, and with it the annual fees charged
to its participants in the directory. With donations from many
church members, the Fan Fund was created and the legal fund was
also constructed. The AIRR Committee was designed to work as a 
self-supporting Committee and its accounting is a bit more 
cumbersome on account of this.

At the end of the fiscal year (December) we entered into an 
agreement to fund the Legal Commiteee with a donation by 
catherine yronwode and nagasiva yronwode of $2000.00 and a 
donation by Fred Burke of $500.00.

In combination with the very large outlay of expenses entailed by
the very successful 2009 Workshop and Convocation, the balance
of two year income now outstanding is approximately what remains
in the Fan Fun to date: $415.00. Regular deposits are being made
by the Secretary from the donation box where Fan Fund donations
and Table Fees are collected unless otherwise marked for special
designation (as to committee or toward anonymous prayer service).

2010 - nagasiva has April expenses from the May Workshop in hand
and accounting for this year is underway as a project for
the Secretary and Treasurer, the material to be off to the
Treasurer within a week.

We will be expecting annual AIRR fee payments in June from
directory participants, as well as donations for fans and
table fees for readings, payment for the Cookbook (see below)
and general contributions, and this will help to substantially
provide for a portion of what may be needed for Fan publishing,
legal expenses, and Workshop expenses deferred pending the 
accounting by nagasiva.

The Treasurer suggested that the donation of time, as with 
projects in association with Winmore, whereby we donate our
time in construction of his Dream Books in exchange for ads
for the church carried in these publications, be provided
documentation and submitted to the Treasurer so we can also
make this known to the various committees and participants
in the projects engaged by the Church generally, and that
the individual receive credit for their enthusiasm and work.
Catherine noted that some mention of this had appeared in the
previous church newsletter (online and via email) and said she 
would write up a more thorough record of such work to date.

Current Accounts Access Status

What lies before us in pursuit of the Treasurer having greater
level of control and scrutiny of the bank account beyond Paypal
and checkbook oversight is obtaining the proper identification
for catherine at a nearby outlet (our local post office no longer
does it) and obtain a passport for her. Then we can get the bank
paperwork signed and Sindy complete access and control. :)

nagasiva said that he would undertake to facilitate this process
with catherine and that we can expect that to be resolved very
soon. We will aim for the end of July for completing this process.

Actions Taken

It was determined that the balance as of 1/1/10 was effectively
the leftover from the FAN FUND Committee's fundraising, and that
subsequent monetary outlays (specifically those advanced to the 
Legal Committee; see below for more on the lawyer in the Secretary's
Report) may well have dipped temporarily into that fund for its

RESOLUTION: We resolved that hence forward the Treasurer will
be requested to subdivide the accounting data and maintain fund
barriers against their non-targetted usage, a notification at the
time of this occurring will accompany any such reference. These
divisions will be according to their *committee* which should
each have a Chair to champion, represent, and orchestrate it.

The Treasurer is also requested to provide for us an estimated
operating budget, given the fundraising and expenditure efforts 
so far, and to provide this to the Board at our next Board Meeting.


3B. SECRETARY's Report

The most notable development of 2009/10 was the decision to enter
into a formal relationshp with Spaulding, McCullough & Tansil
(Don Winkle has been assigned to assist us) whereby they have been
retainedto assist us with filing papers for 501c3 status and its
state/federal requirements. December 2009 saw contributions to
the LEGAL FUND sufficient to cover initial investigation, but it
is unknown if this will suffice for the completion of the 501c3
filing process.

Some of the requirements will include financial reports and
filings we are expecting that Mr. Winkle, who represents them,
will assist us in negotiating.

Mr. Winkle's latest communication was a re-iteration as if he
had not yet read through what i'd provided or remembered what
we'd discussed. The Board was concerned about making efficient
use of Mr. Winkle's time, and there was general agreement that
we should specifically ensure we will not be charged for
oversights on his part if he is covering old ground needlessly.

Sindy had explicit and helpful instructions for determining
this as soon as possible: 

	1) establish a temporal plan with the lawyer, asking him
	what we can expect in what timeline now that he has the
	materials for which he was asking; additionally she
	requested that we inquire firmly but politely whether
	we would be charged for reiterated communications;
	2) report back when we have additional data, some
	movement toward our goals, etc.

nagasiva agreed to tend to this as instructed and once these
Board Meeting Minutes are on their way he will set to
constructing communication for Mr. Winkle on behalf of the
Board with these suggestions in mind, and likely set up a
meeting with nagasiva, catherine and Mr. Winkle, as he
is suggesting, etc.

Communications and Facilitation 

Otherwise, minimal communications (via email, leading to form
letters; and via phone calls) with the interested as to the
existence of, services by, and projects undertaken by the
Smallest Church in the World, are proceeding normally. Along
with more voluminous communications of a similar nature that
pertain to AIRR (since i operate also as its Secretary), i'm
also facilitating a variety of meetings such as this one
utilizing the system, and this appears
to be working well for us -- regular Tech Team meetings for
AIRR are scheduled weekly, and the occasional Board or Committee
meeting are handled this way as well. 


3C. Committee Reports


3C1. FAN FUND Committee Report

Fred reported on the FAN FUND that there is one fan completed,
and 3 on the runway, 1 of them designed by catherine and one
designed by Fred, 1 to be designed, including the following:

	2007 Consolation Angel - designed but not printed
		Back: 1st Annual Commemorative Fan, MISC 

	2008 Holy Guardian Angel -- completed; available to all.
		Back: 2nd Annual Commemorative Fan, MISC

	2009 Sacred Heart of Jesus --  designed but not printed 
		Back: 3rd Annual Commemorative Fan, MISC
	2010 Passover Seder in Jerusalem -- in design stage
		Back: 4th Annual Commemorative Fan, MISC plus FAGS

The cost for the 2007 and 2009 fans will be between 600.00 and 750.00.
The 2010 Fan will carry text on the back about both MISC (the Mother 
Church) and Four Altars (see below).

Fred will forward suggestions, plans for the 2010 fans, to us after
this meeting. Sindy suggested that we solicit for Fan Fund donations
along with the re-application for AIRR, as well as extended inquiries
for donations beyond this to our ordinary communication channels such
as the church Yahoo group, its Facebook page, etc. There was general
agreement that this was a good idea.


3C2. LADIES AUXILIARY Committee Report

catherine reported for Robin Petersen that the project Robin
managed and orchestrated (the Conjure Cookoff Recipe Roundup!)
was a smashing success! The Workshop Robin put on featured
star quality turn-out and amazing culinary and magical
concoctions. Prizes were awarded for the top three recipes, as 
voted on by participants.

Cookbook Printing Project

Many of the items presented as entries to the Cookoff were
featured in the cookbook, of which 100 were printed in
saddle-stitched, 16-pages, 8.5 x 5.5 format. The cover was
composed by Fred. The interior was assembled and edited by
catherine, with contributions by many, their sources indicated
within the book itself. A small number of the books were given to
participants in the cookoff, and some of them were sold during
that weekend. These books are now available for $4.00. Lucky Mojo
Curio Co. purchased 60 of them, which it will resell at cost in
support of the church and conjure.
The church retains the reprinting rights to the books, and
the committee plans to put together, prior to the next 2 years'
May Workshops, 2 more such booklets. Then it will combine these 
into a squarebound book which it will sell to raise funds for 
the events and the church. The yronwodes have borne most of the
brunt of the expense for this project and will be conveying the
bills to the Treasurer for compensation, though the rough costs
of their construction were already covered by their sales. 


This committee (and the construction of the league) was proposed
at the same time as 'UISP' (which became the AIRR Committee).
It is being re-introduced here in the interest of making it
apparent that effort and support for its development will begin
to flourish now that the AIRR Committee's project is fully under
way and the sources of its implementation and enthusiasm for its
construction are assembled.

The original Crystal Silence League was founded in 1921 by Claude
Alexander Conlin, who toured the country in the early 1900s with the
Nortell Twins providing crystal ball readings in theatres and private 
settings. C. Alexander, as he was known, published books in
apparent collaboration with tehe New Thought author William Walker 
Atkinson, who had been a student and associate of Elizabeth Towne,
a founder of the New Thought movement of the late 19th and early 20th

"Personal Lessons, Codes, and Instructions for Members of the 
Crystal Silence League," written by C. Alexander and published in 
1921, will be very lightly revised and then reissued by the Church. 
Fred will edit and produce the book, and with that the Crystal Silence
League will again become ACTIVE!

In reinstating the global prayer service of the Crstal Silence League, 
the only real change will be that in place of one central distribution
point (formerly Mr. Conlin's large crystla ball) the League will now 
operate as a network-distributed affirmative prayer service facilitated  
by regular crystal ball transmissions initiated by Church members, 
and supported by participant prayer-partners around the world. 
Prayers are free, of course, but those wishing to join the League 
itself will, in return for a donation, be provided with the booklet 
describing the service, a crystal ball to facilitate their reception
and transmission of affirmations, and, in time, a web-based collection
center where prayers may be left fby the public for collection and 
tansmission by the Crystal Silence league. 

In part to establish the basis for this League, Missionary
Independent Spiritual Church has purchased for the Four Altars
Gospel Sanctuary (see more below regarding its consecration) a
new, 10" diameter crystal ball, to reside in the sanctuary and
transmit affirmative prayers.


3C4. AIRR Committee Business

AIRR Rules Evaluation and Revision

catherine reported that AIRR has had a year of official operation. 
The goal of 100+ wiki pages has been achieved, but the goal of 
enrolling and facilitating the careers of 50 rootworkers slated 
for the project has not yet been achieved, and there is a plan to
remedy this. After much discussion, the following was a resolution 
from the Board:

The AIRR application process, interview process, and black ball
voting process has run into many snags during our first year.
These snags have led to delays in processing applications,
chronic abstaining from the voting process by some participants,
and public interpersonal contentions. They have also resulted in
the group not growing to its desired number of participants.

Therefore, effective immediately, all applications to AIRR will
be handled in a way we think will be more efficient in meeting
our goals. This new method of handling applications was crafted
by all five MISC Board Members, all of whom are also participants
in AIRR. Each of us contributed ideas to the final agreement, and
it was not the work of one person.

>From this time forward, there will be only one test-reading
performed by each applicant to AIRR, not two, and for the sake of
consistency, the sitter for all readings will be the head of the
AIRR Committee.

All applications will then be processed by a team consisting of
two Board Members and one non-Board-Member selected from among
the folks listed in the AIRR directory.

To facilitate selection of the non-Board-Member to participate in
each interview, Fred Burke will prepare a weekly calendar that
will permit us to interview prospects during times of the year
when Mercury is direct (not retrograde). There will be provision
made for 24 interviews per year (approximately two per month,
modified by the Planetary consideration), and this schedule
will be carried out until the AIRR directory is filled.

Once the calendar has been prepared, each participant in AIRR
will be asked to list a first-choice week, second-choice week,
and third-choice week during the upcoming year on which he or she
will be available to join the team that interviews applicants, so
that everyone's busy schedules can be accommodated.

With the number of people listed at AIRR that we have at
present, it should thus come to pass that each AIRR participant
will assist in approximately one interview during the course of
the next year or so.

Voting on admittance will be done by that applicant's interviewers
and reading-sitter only, according to majority rules.

We hope that this new system will facilitate quicker processing
of applications and will remove a source of controversy and
friction from this social group.

We resolved that we would review the new rules during the next
church board meeting and we  will review the outcome of this new 
system for handling applications next year at our next board meeting, 
and decide then if it meets our needs and solves the problems it 
was intended to address.

We decided that applicants in progess shall be placed on this track 
at once, if they have given a test-reading for catherine prior to  
application and have been interviewed. 

We also decided that those previous applicants who were part of
the 'snags' mentioned previously will, if they re-apply, be
compared against the new procedure to see if they have already
satisfied our requirements, and will not need to pay an additional
application fee, but will, if satisfactory, merely be 
voted upon by the Board, under the system of majority rules.


catherine reported on the development of the Pro Bono Fund for
AIRR, spearheaded by Chairwoman Michaele Maurer. 

The way it works is that any participant in AIRR may suggest the
name of a needy client to receive goods and services from the Pro
Bono Fund by filling out a form at the AIRR website (clients
may not apply on their own behalfs). Contribution of goods are 
provided to Michaele for her distribution to needy persons. Services 
are also volunteered, about which Michaele is informed. She then 
designates to whom such services are to be  administered. Michaele 
will intermittently call on the Board for her postage expenses. 

The Board wants to publically thank Michaele for her excellent
work, and for her patience and persistence in getting the Pro Bono 
Fund off the ground, as well as for her generosity in continuing to 
administrate it. Thanks!


4. Workshop Report

This year's Missionary Independent Spiritual Church Workshop was
a great success. Catherine would like to extend thanks to all
those who participated in making it happen, those who attended,
and those who presented the excellent instructive classes and
brought great food for the potluck. Attendees came from as far
away as Texas and Florida to socialize, learn, and enjoy the
gathered company. The weather was only slightly uncooperative,
dealing out some showers on the Sunday, making the book sale
tricky and backing the footwashing into a room set aside for food
service. Our good friends Blue Rienzi and Santa Jim set up a
therapeutic massage tent and provided  chakra balancing, and
shiatsu massage to many happy people.

The church's first annual Hoodoo Foods Cookbook received its
debut at Sister Robin's workshop, and copies were sold to
workshop attendees, with proceeds going to the church. Also
Sister Robin donated several bottles of her wonderful magical herb
syrups, and those too sold, with the money going to the church.

Prize ribbons were awarded for the favourite foods at the cookery
workshop. First place went to Brenda Henderson for her Rose petal
Pound Cake, second place to Sister Robin Petersen for her Get
Away Chilie Balls, and third place to Brenda Henderson for her
Lavender Jelly.

Classes taught were as follows:

    * 2:00 NOON Hoodoo Food! The Best of the Conjure Cook-Off with Sister Robin: 
    Taste-testing the use of EDIBLE magical herbs.
    * 1:30 PM Sweetening Spells with Deacon Millett: 
    The focus is on love and reconciliation work.
    * 3:00 PM Gambler's Lucky Spells with Miss Robin: 
    A workshop and lecture on using tradtional lucky charms for games of chance.
    * 4:30 PM Open Panel Discussion with Miss Cat and the Whole Gang: 
    How to acquire and implement the divination and conjure skills you need.    

SUNDAY MAY 9, 2010
    * 11:00 AM Jack Ball master class with Miss cat: 
    for Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course Graduates  
    * 1:30 PM Love Spells; Dressing, Fixing, and Working with Candles with Miss Bri: 
    A hands-on experience in setting spiritual altar lights.
    * 3:00 PM Spiritual Foot Washing with Miss Lara: 
    Learn an old-time Deep Southern ritual for clients and family. 
    * 4:30 PM Astrology for Root Workers with Miss cat: 
    Learn how to work according to the natural timing of the Moon, Sun, and Stars. 

For their efforts in ensuring the smooth running of all the
workshops, including behind-the-scenes work such as preparing the
grounds, cooking, and clean-up, we wish to extend out particular
thanks to the following volunteers:  Ms. Robin York Sister Robin
Petersen, Miss Bri Saussy, Miss Lara Livera, Professor C. D.
Porterfield, Bishop Burke, and nagasiva yronwode.




The plan to establish the Four Altars sanctuary was
announced last June 6th, ground was broken 3 months ago, and
Fred has achieved mightily, assisted by his able laborers,
including Sexton Matthew Pavesic, and the construction and
painting crews.

Four Altars is constructed with the Spring Equinox as its
orientation point. It has 6 cinder block sides, 13 glass
brick windows, a double-hexagram on the floor, and clever
ventilation sytem crowned by a golden turbine fan. It is 13'
tall at the peak, with 8' walls, each one 7' wide. Murals
are planned for its expansive conical ceiling. Decorative
painting was in progress right up to the date of the
consecration, and has been carried out in our denomination's
traditional barn red, green, and gold, with all tones
modified to suit the high desert environment.

The construction of Four Altar Gospel Sanctuary having been
completed, under the direction of Bishop Burke, we performed
the rite of sanctification and consecration on 6/6/10, the
Day of Founding of the Missionary Independent Spiritual
Church from whom it sprang. Now that we have two physical
churches, the first one will be known as The Mother Church,
as well as The Smallest Church in the  World.


The rite of consecration was a festive and joyous ritual
ceremony carried out immediately after the MISC Board
Meeting came to an end. We began with a general procession,
perambulation, and laying of sacred deposits at the six
vertices, and then proceeded to a cleansing and sensing
ceremony, with heartfelt words from Bishop Burke. Altars
were installed during the ceremony, along with the large
crystal ball from the Mother Church, and services in
progress were moved from the Bishop's house into the

As the sun set, Venus was plainly visible above the horizon,
the first 'star' in the sky celebrating the Sanctuary's new
life!! We then retired to the Bishop's home for a fabulous
feast of Texas Chile.

We will soon put pictures of the new santuary on the world
wide web.

Ecclesiastic Responsibilities

Four Altars operates independently of the Mother Church,
with candle services conducted at its own site. Services, 
including maintenance of two cemeteries nearby, will be 
conducted by Deacon Fred Millett and Sexton Matthew Pavesic, 
assisted by Brother Ted Quinn.

catherine reminded us that Four Altars will soon receive 
its certification papers authorizing Deacon Millett to 
perform baptisms and other ecclesiastical services. 
The high desert area has no ready seasonal body of water 
for the total immersion which our Church requires, but
there are several private pool venues in the area, where
baptisms may be conducted. 

Financial Matters

Fred has agreed to waive the rent on the land and building
used for the operation of the sanctuary for the first five
years. This was a very generous gesture and is greatly

>From this year onward, Church Fans and Cookbooks will
promote Four Altars as well as the MISC Mother Church, and
Four Altars will have its own Gift Shop, much as the Mother
Church does. It has yet to be determined wither the items
sold there will be stored and shipped from the site or will
be "virtual" sales via a shopping cart that processes the
sales at the Mother Church and credits Four Altars with a
percentage of revenue.

Four Altars will forward notice of donations and expenses to
the Secretary, who will coordinate all financial reports to
the Treasurer.

The question of how to handle the financial interlinkage of
Four Altars, The Mother Church, and MISC as a denomination was
broached, and our general ignorance of the financial doings
of multi-chuch denominations was abundantly displayed. Fred
said he would ask his brother-in-law, a pastor in a large
Christian denomination, how they handle their church's
financial relationships to their synod, convention or
denomination. If that doesn't pan out, nagasiva will check
with his brother, a former decaon in another large Christian
denomination, or with our former Board Member John Michael,
who may have some experience in these matters, or we shall
consult with more professional and bureaucratic sources.

A Vote of Thanks and Confidence

The Board would like to commend Bishop Burke on his
outstanding achievement in the establishment of this
extension of the Missionary Independent Spiritual Church
movement, the second body in the religious organization
known as MISC. We will be creating a new web page that will
link to and vice versa.




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