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Indian Spirit Guide spiritual supplies: For veneration to Native American ancestors, burned for guidance and luck.

Our church features Lucky Mojo Vigil Candles, which have paper artwork labels with spells and prayers on the back. Made of soft wax in colours appropriate to the conditions for which they are used, they are 8 inches tall and burn continually for 120 hours.


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The following special services are offered with Glass Encased Candles:
  • Unless you specify otherwise, all glass encased candles will be fixed, dressed, prayed-over, and fully prepared.
  • We can fix candles for you as above, but with no label, for discreet work in the church, if you request "no label on candle."
  • We can set lights for you in "plain" and un-dressed condition, if you request "do not fix candle."
  • If you wish to perform candle work in your home, we can "back up your work" by dressing, preparing, praying over, and setting an identical candle to this one which you have ordered for shipment to you from The Lucky Mojo Curio Company; please request a "simultaneous burn."
  • When your candle has completed its burn, you will receive a Divinatory Candle Report by email telling you the outcome of our work done on your behalf, unless your instructions include the words, "No candle report."
Before you order, please familiarize yourself with the various options offered through our Candle Ministry and please state your petition in the comment field when you order. We will be happy to dress, prepare, pray over, and set these candles as vigil lights at the Candle Ministry of Missionary Independent Spiritual Church, per your instructions. Further instructional information can be found on our web page, "How we can set lights for you at our Candle Ministry":

Your Candle Report will contain a true account of all the spiritual signs and omens seen in your candle by our deacon and pastors. We may include our thoughts about the potential outcome of your petition and prayers, and we may make recommendations for further prayers, candle work, or spell-casting based on the signs left in the candle glass.

Candle glass observations of this type are known as ceromancy when they relate to wax, capnomancy when they describe patterns left by smoke deposits, and cero-capnomancy when the entire candle and its glass are considered in divination. For further information on cero-capnomancy and other aspects of candle divination in the work of candle ministries like ours, please see "The Art of Hoodoo Candle Magic in Rootwork, Conjure, and Spiritual Church Services" by our pastor Reverend catherine yronwode and Mikhail Strabo.

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To study the use of candles with magic spells and prayer, buy this book:
"The Art of Hoodoo Candle Magic in Rootwork, Conjure, and Spiritual Church Services"
by catherine yronwode and Mikhail Strabo,
published by Missionary Independent Spiritual Church.

Free instructional information on candle magic can be found on this web page:
Burning Candles in the Hoodoo Tradition from
"Hoodoo in Theory and Practice" by catherine yronwode.


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